How to get notifications for the forum😕


how do I get notifications for the forum...if you know please put your answer down below...thanks!




Just change your Preferences! There's a bunch of options there :wink:


gices you notification
each time someone replies or likes





Wait what do you mean?


can you give me a example


no I mean like notifications out of the app but like a text message notification


It's email actually :wink:

Just scroll through your Preferences!


I don't want emails @KVJ


Well I don't think you can get text notifications…

What do you want exactly…?


I want on my lock screen that a thing


There isn't currently a way to do that without emails. XD

The closest thing you can get is email notification, which will give you an email whenever you receive a (certain, depends on le setting) forum notification.
The email would give you a notification on your lock screen and stuff, telling you that you got a email from the forum that tells you that you got a forum notification. :P


Those would only be if they were emails


I was thinking about this.

There isn't any particular way at the moment to recive text notifications from a browser at the moment.

But for now on you can un subscribe to all your email programs exsept the fourm and when you get a mail it's a fourm post or tag or reply to you!

Hope this helps.:slight_smile:


You can only get notifications through email, but if that's what you mean, go to settings, preferences, and then you can change it!


You can edit your preferences and press save changes!:wink: