How to Get Links with New Update?!



How do you get links with the new hopscotch update?

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You just click on the gray box with the arrow coming out of it, right next to the like button! :3

Answer the (hopefully XD) easy math problem, and click copy on your second list of options it gives you! :3

It copies the link of the project to your clipboard! :3

And what @Intellection74 said :3 vvvv


You get them the same way as the last update:

1) Press the :outbox_tray: button
2) Answer the math question
3) Click "Copy"

Right now, the links aren't working (I'm not sure why), but THT will hopefully fix it soon!


Okay, thanks so much! :D


You're welcome! :3


But the links dont work for me. When i click a project link, it just takes me to Hopscotch, but not a project. Does anyone else have this problem?


Yes, we all have it, a new update came out. Try downloading it.
I don't know if that glitch was fixed on the new version because I haven't downloaded it yet. :D


Oh ok. I got the new update but i havent tried opening a link with it.


It isn't fixed, unfortunately. D:
But a way to use links, if anyone didn't already know, is to
1. press on the link if you're on an Apple Device,

2. tap "Open in New Tab",

and there's the project!
If you want to play the project in HS, search up the project name or the creator,

and voilà!


That's smart! Wow, thanks! :smile:

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Thanks for making this topic. I was wondering the same thing!


oh xD the first picture was my post lol @GysvANDRegulus