How to get in trending?



Hey guys! Its CP here or @CrystalPanda. How come non of my projects get in trending?? Do you get notified if you're on trending? Do you get on trending by the amount of likes or plays you have in one project? And what's the amount of plays or likes on a project that you get to go on tending? Is it automatic or do the hopscotch team chose?
Please answer my questions! Help!!!


Well, trending depends on how many likes and remixes you get within the first few hours! :wink: It's just automatic. There is no specific amount of likes and remixes, and the Hopscotch Team does not choose!


Trending depends on..- smiley beat me


anyway everyone has been on trending including you! It may not be at the top of trending but its their somewhere


Yep! Trending is never ending! :smiley:

YASSS!!! But you get first like -_- lol


Yas! hehehe i have to get something ya know :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! @SmileyAlyssa


Really I have never been on trending hardly anyone even likes my projects at all!


I know how you feel!