How to get FEATURED! [ⓝⓔⓦ] The topic we all need(>w< )



Ever wondered how to get on that opening page on hopscotch? Well if you did, then here is the best topic for you! *tell me if you want to add something

Make Something Original
If you have seen it before, you might not want to count on it getting featured. THT looks for a game or drawing that they have never seen. There are plenty of lists with bunches of games that have never been done before.

And of course these aren’t even close to the full amount of lists, just some of the lists I look at when I need inspiration.

Spend Time on it
Don’t throw a random project together in five minutes and expect it to get featured. Take your time, and use the best graphics that are possible for you to do. The hopscotchers that get featured are featured because they used their time in their favor. Lot’s of these projects took months.

Play to your Strengths
If you are maybe a pixel art star, try to do something that has pixel related to the game while still thinking outside of the box and still trying new things.

Tell the Forum about the Project!
The more people that see your amazing project, the more nominations for featured you will get. Thus, showing THT that your project needs to be featured. (Nominations for Featured 2!)

Thank you for reading that long topic. I hope this helps get somebanana out there a featured. <3 laser

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Great topic! Love the ideas and links to other topics!


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Awesome topic! Well written.THT has actually made some tips about what to do if you need project ideas. You can read their tips here:


i love this topic! it is super descriptive, and i really like the links to additional topics. AWESOME job!


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