How to get custom thumbnails?



You never had to in order to get secret blocks… they don’t exist in the editor whatsoever but are coded in the app to do something


Or you can edit them into the Json later on…


That is the harder method though…


Two very good coding Hopscotchers have talked to me today, I don’t know how I feel about this.


Takes me 2 minutes. Not hard at all. Use the Files app and a text editor such as “Documents”


Is the Json file on computer? I do this on a school iPad…


Hahahahaha you’re right


I can only do this on my iPhone…


Can you download apps onto your iPad?


I can only do my iPhone during the weekends so, ;-;


Ok… Lemme think what app can you use

Because “Documets by Readle” is the best one

And yeah if you get this app you don’t need a computer…


It’s fine, I can do this stuff later


3 people that got multiple features…


Hmm. I’ve seen projects like this before. Just pinch the screen and size it how you want. I’m not directly sure, but maybe you can do the millisecond block and do like wait 50 second to make the objects disappear when the game starts.


What about custom thumbnail generator by jeff3321🇺🇸?


It’s not hard for us, but it is a lot harder for most people… it only takes 15 seconds to get the link from project (w/ load time) and 35 seconds to visit and publish the project. And it gives you every block, not just a target block


I got documents by readdressing I just can’t figure out how to get the Json file


Go into the default files app to on your iPad, then into hopscotch, json_projects, then tap and hold the one with the most recent time stamp. You might want to log out if you account and log back in and download that one draft to find it quicker


Search my profile for “Copyable Blocks 0.5” and you should get all the info you need