How to get custom thumbnails?


I mean you don’t have to use “change scene”. To me it’s easier the less objects I have, so that’s why I add a secret sequence of actions that cause certain objects to change. It’s quite simple, you just need to make sure other people can’t remix it with the thumbnail.


What’s so bad about people remixing with the thumbnail?


People think they made it, even despite the original coder tag, plus, that’s just not supposed to happen.


You put this in your code, but you make it hidden, so that users can’t access it easily. For example, you can make a thumbnail screen and use “when iPad is shaken” to trigger the thumbnail using “set invisibility” blocks. From that screen, just publish the project.

I see that many others already have suggested this or a similar thing, and there are several ways to do this. Tell me or anyone else on here if you need a more detailed explanation!

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I saw destroy object, are you a beta tester?


See my “Copyable Blocks 0.5” in my profile, they are secret blocks

-Help to reach secret blocks-
Project JSON modification — Topic

How do you get them?

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I’m also surprised you responded to me.

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Read the instructions there first please

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Completely skipped reading.

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Cool, because I made it (relatively) very simple to get those blocks
– it is a lot harder to get them any other way

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Thank you so much, now I don’t have to subscribe…


You never had to in order to get secret blocks… they don’t exist in the editor whatsoever but are coded in the app to do something


Or you can edit them into the Json later on…


That is the harder method though…


Two very good coding Hopscotchers have talked to me today, I don’t know how I feel about this.

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Takes me 2 minutes. Not hard at all. Use the Files app and a text editor such as “Documents”


Is the Json file on computer? I do this on a school iPad…

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Hahahahaha you’re right


I can only do this on my iPhone…