How to get custom thumbnails?



Hi! I was looking on featured and saw a project with a custom thumbnail.

That is not from anywhere in the game, it’s a custom thumbnail. (The one on the right)

How do you get those? Is it a subscriber thing? @CodeHelp


Anyone can make a custom thumbnail. You just pinch the screen to your liking. Sometimes, you may have to hold it while you hit publish if you want to fit the whole image of your project.


No, I know that!

The thumbnail on the blue project isn’t in the project, it’s a custom thumbnail.


Idk maybe the invisibility block is used somehow. It looks cool though. I saw it to and wondered about it


Yes, I checked but there are no custom images.


Oh sorry. Idk honestly… The Hopscotch Team probably has some trick up their sleeve. If it’s @Petrichor’s project, then you have to ask him.


Wrong blue project, sorry. I meant the one on the right! Sorry. :santa:


Idk how to get that, but I bet Petrichor used some sort of shortcut to do it or something.


Does she do this sort of thing often?


@Petrichor how did you get the thumbnail?


It’s ok!


By the way, Petrichor’s pronouns are mom last time I checked. don’t ask me why


Mom? That’s a new one!

Hopefully “mom” will be able to solve this confounding conundrum of confusion!


“Petrichor is a he, but you can call him anything. sighhhh Mom included. Apparently.” -fp


It’s a secret. Some people create custom thumbnails by making it so that when you tap a certain hidden object, the thumbnail appears.


@SantaClaus @GweTV @1234Lillian @ @UTheDevHS the

It’s in the code, but in that specific project it’s hidden, mainly so I don’t have to worry about hiding everything else. If you tap in the very bottom right corner of the project, it’ll show up.

I have it on another scene, but I coded it and made it appear when you tap a specific area.

So you just have to make it appear when you do something specific.


I’ve done it many times before. You just make a hidden object like in the corner that toggles the custom thumbnail. Example:


Oh cool, Thanks!


ye :athletic_shoe:


Ok bye :wave: