How to get custom colors quick on hopscotch!


To get Custom Colors go to http://rgb.to2 search the color you want I chose green

image.jpg1024x768 119 KB tap on the Color you wantimage.jpg1024x768 138 KB this should pop up tap on HSB go to the front of the numbers type in HSB in capital letters it should look like this
HSB167,100,80 then put these in the front and back( ) image.jpg1024x768 116 KB copy it go back to hopscotch hold in the color on leave a trail push Select all if it doesn't come up hold it in again until you see thisimage.jpg1024x768 108 KB push select all and then push paste play your project it should work. If it doesn't leave a comment and I will help you!
How to get Custom Colors!2
How to get custom colors on hopscotch
How To get Custom Colors On hopscotch!
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Computerguy91Aug '15
I meant tap on the color you want

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