How to get custom color codes for Hopscotch characters



So you've most likely seen projects like "Colors of Monkey" and other characters. I'm going to show you how to create these yourself.

(These will not be exactly the colors, but close enough. You need: Hopscotch, the ability to take screenshots, App Store access, and Internet access. I'm doing this through iPad.)

First, go into the App Store and get an app called ColorMyWorld. You can get it here: It is free.

Next, go into Hopscotch and bring out a character. I'm doing Parrot. Grow it so it takes up almost the whole screen. Take a screenshot of that.

Go into the app. Select "Choose Photo" and choose the image of your character.

Zoom in so the first color you pick takes up the entire screen. Then select "Choose". You will get a screen like this:

Take a screenshot, or write down the RGB code you got from the right of the screen.

Next, go to a color converter like this one. Change the RGB code to HSB. Write down or screenshot your newly converted HSB code. I used Notes to remember these.

Repeat with each color.

I apologize for such a long post. And feel free to tell me of there is an easier way. This is just what I figured out first.

Character colors

Great tutorial!! :grinning:
I was wondering the best way to find the HSB of Hopscotch characters and you definitely answered my question! Great job!


Great job this is very helpful!


I use an app called Touch Colors


Cool!! (This had to be longer)


Cool! I'm checking out your app now, it's just that app is what came up first when I searched so I used that


You can also use, it's super easy and doesn't require downloading anything, but instead of HSB its HSV, which is the exact same thing. :laughing:


I just checked it out and you're right, it's really easy! Thanks for telling us!


Imagecolorpicker actually works!


Thank you, this helps so much! :grinning:



Tell me how to use that. All I see is my image.


WoW, thanks for the tutorial, I'll bookmark this!


Hello, @Madi_Hopscotch_! I think this was a good tutorial; but I use a website to help me.




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