How to get a free trial on hopscotch and not get charged after! (With pictures)



Hey everyone! I spent a lot of time making this and I hope you like it!

This tutorial is for people wondering if when you get the free hopscotch trial, if it will continue charging you. The answer is no. But please before doing this, get your parents permission.

DICLAIMER: I am not responsible for any charges towards debit cards.

  1. Open hopscotch and click the star on featured

  2. Click join free trial

  3. Make sure to click annually so that you get a 1 month free trial, then click start free trail

  4. Answer the math question

  5. Scan finger or enter password

  6. Confirm

  7. Confirm again xD

  8. Once you reach this screen, you are not done. Click the home button

  9. Enter the App Store

  10. Scroll down and click on your/your parents Apple ID

  11. Click "View Apple ID"

  12. Enter password or scan finger

  13. Scroll down and click subscriptions

  14. Click hopscotch

  15. Click cancel subscription

Canceling the subscription will allow you to have a 1 month free trial, and have it not continue afterwards.

@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya I spent so much time on this! Can you pin it so people see it?

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Good topic! :clap: Thanks for the help, people who don't know will see this.


Awesome tutorial! Well done :clap:


This is great!

Gonna use it right now

@Rodrigo please tell me why this was closed. Id like u to actually give a reason before U close something




Wow this is awesome! Thanks


Will the money be returned after you cancel it?


Wow great tutorial! Nice job making your pictures easy to understand!


If you cancel the subscription after the free trial is over is what you mean, im not sure ;-;


THT needs to make money though, so of course they won't pin it.
What if you don't know the ID password


Does the money still get taken away


Then you can't do it I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯ or you have to pay for the subscription after the trial is up


No. you never pay in the first place.


You ask your parents if they know it. If not, email Apple and see if they can get it.


Mine doesn't say join free trial


For the subscription. After you cancel it will you receive a refund?



Now,how I get the password of the ID of my dad?(Because I don't have my own email account YET) Think,@LunaMorgana387,think...


Mine doesn't ask for a thumbprint


You will need to have set up Touch ID on your device

@Rodrigo is this topic not allowed?

@Rodrigo, this wasn't hacking. It was simply finding a way to not have your iPad charge you after your trial expired. Or is this because you're all about making money and WANT the subscriptions to continueafter the trial just so you get paid more? -@ConnellCoder