How to get a different (temporary) theme!



It's simple, go to and that's it. I can't describe more :joy:

Remember to check all 3 for the theme.

It also helps fix CSS problems, which is a bit too fancy for here :thinking:

Here's a picture of it:

To get rid of it, just close and reopen the tab.


Url can't be retrieved sksskjljh


Wow this is interesting :smiley: (I had heard about it from Discourse Meta but didn't realise we could access it from a URL like this)

Hmm I got that error too. I'm going to try http:// instead of www.

Okay, this seemed to work for me.


@t1_hopscotch, the link that you posted does work for me, it takes me to the forum. The original link doesn't work at all, Safari says that the server can't be found and therefore the page can't be loaded. When I clicked on your URL, it doesn't work when I click the link and open it in the same tap as this topic, but if I open the link in a new tab, it works perfectly.

Thank you @HappyDolphin for sharing this, it is really cool!


It says its private


This is pretty cool! You get the basic Discourse forum theme. Thanks for sharing!


If you're on mobile go to desktop mode (hold on the refresh button)


I did that 50 times


Strange, that worked for me


It doesn't work for me