How to fix pixelation bug in Hopscotch if you have been on hopscotch more that 1 year


if you have been in hospcotch more than one year good for you because you have a solution for this! I know it is not the best solution but it works.

  1. If you published a project last year save it as a draft
  2. delete everything on that draft if you are starting off new
  3. you are now done! enjoy and your texts now can be any size without pixelation

and one more thing!
Deleting the code of one whole project one year ago can be a pain so duplicate your draft so you wouldn’t have to do this process over and over again :slight_smile:


This is gold :wink: :heart:o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)


Cool @YogiLC!!!


It is an issue with the Hopscotch player. Text and characters are a lower resolution in projects with Self. Older projects (before Self) do not have this problem.


This was an ongoing bug before self. Sizing depends on a new code through an update.
By the way, @MR.GAM3R I finally played your Conway game and it is AWESOME!


Or we can use it to our advantage!

Yes, the “pixelation” is unfortunate in some cases, but it’s also an advantage in many others. If you revert to only using old versions of the player, you won’t get to use any of the awesome new features.

The apps and programs you use will always change and sometimes you won’t agree with the changes. But the trick is making the most of what you have to work with :smile:


yeah…I guess so…I should have thought more about the opportunites on on hopscotch so this still isn’t the best solution.

I just made this topic for other text artists

well I don’t even know if that is the right term or if there are people on hopscotch that also/still do text art.

Some text art I do has to be 500 percent in size or bigger for it to be understandable what I am trying to present because in text art I only use the following: ▓█■◆◣◢ ◥◤

I know there is more, I use It just to show how limited it is to have curves. And I’m sorry for not referring to people who use big texts for whatever reason XD

Thank you for the feedback!


Isn’t the pixelation already there’s for emojis? They’re not 4K jpgs


The text is not a 4k jpg, it is a vector. Vectors have no form of pixelation because they are made of shapes and not pixels.


I mean emojis, which, in fact, are not vectors, at least on Apple.
Not sure about other fonts.


text are vectors.


Maybe so but it is still pixelated


It works for me


Try it with a new draft maybe thatswhy


More specifically, I think the player turns the vectors to pixels at a small size (100%, maybe) then scales them up. I really wish THT would fix this bug soon, projects pre-Self look reeeeeally nice compared to low res ones


yall remember the object limit is 512 or sth

they changed it when they added self


they made it less laggy

by lowering resolution



But… but my iPad scores 9,300 multi-core score on Geekbench! It can handle 4096 clones at high resolution…

I personally would rather have a higher resolution and fewer objects than lower resolution and more objects. I have never used all 4096 objects before. And if object limit is really a concern, the ability to delete clones would help. For example, it takes less than a second to have 512 clones draw a background, and then you have 512 clones lying around not doing anything.


If empty text objects (text reads nothing)
were at high resolutions, would the max clone limit still be 4096?
(For the text objects)