How to "fix" hopscotch bugs yourself


here's some steps to follow if hopscotch bugs:

0: don't make a topic yet! follow the steps in order please

1: Wait. Seriously, sometimes this works XD
2: Exit the project and reopen it, the project itself may have bugged.
3: Check your wifi and VPN (sometimes the top left of your screen lies, open up a new webpage and see if it loads correctly)
4: Close hopscotch, wait a few seconds, then reopen it.
5: Close all the apps, then open just hopscotch.
6: Turn off your iPad (hold the power button until an option pops up to turn it off, then slide the slider) And then turn it back on, then reopen hopscotch
7: Hard reset (hold both the power and home buttons at the same time until the screen goes black), turn your iPad back on, then reopen hopscotch (you get the latest version this way)
8: Uninstall hopscotch, then reinstall it from the app store
9: Hard reset again
10: Search the forums for something that sounds like the bug you're experiencing, if you find a topic addressing your bug and there is a fix for it, do that fix. If there is no fix and the topic hasn't been posted on in a while, revive it
11: report the bug, this can either be by emailing the hopscotch team at or on the forums in the new bugs category
12: Wait until hopscotch updates again
13: start over at step 1, but don't create a new topic. if the topic hasn't been posted on in a while, revive it

feel free to add any steps or edit the existing ones, I'm not the best with my wording sometimes.

Womp.. I got the thing

This is a great topic! I've noticed that a lot of people have been making topics about bugs that they can possibly fix themselves.

I've never heard of this, how exactly does it work?



basically you hold the power and home buttons for a few seconds and the screen goes dark. After this happens the iPad forcible closes every application and completely stops doing any functions. This is more extreme than simply turning the power off (which simply causes it to stop running, but doesn't close any apps), and far more extreme than simply putting it to sleep (pressing the power button but not turning off the iPad)


Good topic! This will probably help some people :smile:


Great topic! This is super helpful as Hopscotch has lots of bugs at the moment!


Thai is cool! Everyone should see it!
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Cool! Wait, if I do a hard reset, I get the newest update on hopscotch?


Awsum! This is a great tutorial! TYSM! :D


Noice topic bruh.


Great tutorial :slight_smile:


It's holed ing top and home buttons at the same time until the apple logo appears, for example if your notification thing gets stuck or you drop you device and the screen goes black, you should do it.


1 has worked for me on a really annoying bug


Yeah, I've been posting on topics about these solutions like this.
I'll bookmark this in case another "Bug" topic pops up with an easy solution like this.


What do you mean? is it not loading or somethng?


hard reset only closes down everything on your iPad. It doesn't update the things, that's what deleting and reinstalling the app is for (if it didn't automatically update)