How to find your first post with out having to remember where it was or scrolling


So if you all are looking for your first post in something and you don't remember what post number it is.......
I can help you with that!

So follow these simple instructions!
1: first go in your topic and go in desktop view

2: tap on your name so your screen will have this

3: then finally tap this
(You will all have different post numbers)

There you go everyone!!!
Happy Hopscotching and Foruming!!


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I'm pretty sure a LOT of people know this, but good topic anyways.


Thx Neo!


Great topic!


Great topic, buuuut I knew all of this :sweat_smile:


Thanks also, but you can just post on the topic, tap your user picture while in the topic, then do the third step. I'm sure you don't even need desktop view for this. :blush:


Make sure to put a blank line before the [details] in your post..


I thought I had mobile view, apparently I've been using desktop this whole time. Woah.

Also, I already knew this, but thanks!


Nice PFP!


Great topic, it will be really helpful for people that don't know about this. This is also a great function if you want to spam like people, I originally found this on a topic called something like "How to spam like".
@KVJ Time to spam like you again... I am too tired let's do it tomorrow lol