How to: Find your Competition



If you think I said "competition" as in, games... Well, then look for other topics. Because this is about...

Finding you a competition so you can do better.

"Competition? You mean a like a Basketball game?"

Not exactly, basically, you need a competitor.
Having a competitor allows you to improve your work quickly and easily.

Now you ask, "How do I get one?"

Well, you don't go around asking people saying "Wanna be my competitor?". They'll either be like "Huh?" Or "eh... Nah..."

One way to find a competitor is to FIND THEM, not ASK THEM.

"Exactly! HOW exactly????"

Go to your search tab and type in whatever you wanna, be it "School Movie" or "Horror Game", or you could look up at the "Newest", "Rising", "Movies", "Art", etc. Tags...

The strategy here is that you try to do better to your so called "enemy".

I'll guarantee you you'll have one in no time.

"Since you mentioned this, who's you competitor?"

Tap Me!

I ain't tellin' ya!

So you're not giving up?

Alright I'll tell you...


After all, you'll improve your work in no time. Doing this will increase your self esteem and also, you have a higher chance on going to either Rising, Featured or Game Changers (le highest rank)...


I wish you the best to getting to those ranks!

How To: Get on Featured! 😱

I can't heart so here's a :heart:
Well said! I think you should add that you can also compete against yourself to do the best you can do!


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My competitor is myself! I challenge myself everyday to get better!


I like this…



Two years later… Wait, did I write this? Whoever wrote this uses my same literary technique (That is, my technique two years ago.)

I think I might give this a try… :thinking:

@AHappyCoder Your my competitor :wink: You also happen to be my friend


Wait I am?

up ur game lol


@AHappyCoder Oh, I will… You will need to up your game as well.