How to find all topics in only 1 category (and how to professionally spam like 😂😂)


This is how to find all of the topics in only 1 category:

First, go to the new category...

Then, scroll to the bottom until you see this...

Next, tap Browse all categories. This should take you to this menu...

Finally, tap any category to see all topics in that category!

how to professionally spam like

I wanted to make a separate topic about this but I knew that the leaders wouldn't approve so yah :joy: :joy:. so...

How to professionally spam like:

first, pick your target. ****evil laugh**** I pick @KVJ (sry man XD). Now what your going to do is go into their profile, and start looking for a topic that they have a lot of posts in, like a general topic or something. Then enter that topic. Next, find a post posted by your target and click on their username or profile picture so the bio appears...

see how in the top right corner it says -- posts in topic? click that!! Then it will only show posts from your target - LIKE THEM ALL!! XD. Hope this helped! And sorry @KVJ :joy:

Hope this helped! Bye!

KVJ's spam liking contest! xD
tHE KiNGdoM OF TOMAToES AnD TRAsH (shivlit's topic)
About the Categories

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Whyyyyyyyyy do iiiiiiiiii get the leiiiiiiiiiiiks?


:0 new screen? i must do trick. Woaw very helpful. :D
I use that spam like trick when I spam like XD I call it mai special secret :0000


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I don't know, its just that I've spam liked you so much that I figured you'd understand :joy:


Yay! Now I know people know that spamlike trick.


Kool! I'll probably be using this sometimes.


Oh I understand spamliking very well :joy:

I just don't get why people spamlike me though


theres random
but we cant post in random


Its because its really easy to spam like you because you are in every topic. :joy:


I know lol. Like my Q&A is too full of me asking for Qs all the time and I try to have no Unread or New Topics and like GAH I get too many likes.

Rambling so excuse the lack of grammer and/or punctuation or even spelling


Great topic! I found this helpful.


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