How to find a person's first post easily



Now did you wonder if you want to know a person's first post on forums?
Well an easy solution without scrolling down for 99999 years is.....

To click on their profile

Go to badges

Click welcome

See their post!!!

This has a 99.99% chance of working.

Friendly Mass Tag List



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This is my first post on the forum.


Here's mine!

Well first I would want the and,or, and not. I think that would be awesome! Second I would want like some sound stuff such as change sound and set sound so like sound control. And third thing is a backpack so you can put other parts of code to it and save it so you can use it and your code! Another this is comets so you could give feedback. Oh and last of least. MULTIPLAYER CLOUD DATA!!!!!!!!!!!Knso you could do multiplayer games. Oh one more lists or arrays. Please right back is you like these

I got nice reply and @Rodrigo replied and @BuildASnowman replied to Rodrigo!