How to feel pain in hopscotch!


So today is how you feel pain in hopscotch!

  1. Join HS Forums in Jan 21 2016

  2. Go to some topics and have a cheesy profile picture

  3. Get member after a week

  4. Get regular in April

  5. Stay the on hopscotch for almost a year and make feature worthy projects

  6. Never get featured

  7. Nobody knows you

  8. Feel the pain of not accomplishing anything

Someone sent me this is HS and told to put it on forums

He said he would be anonymous so I won't tell you guys who he is.

Don't worry he is my irl friend

He begged me to do it so I did

Sorry if this is too much and it goes too far. Leaders I'll recycle if you want me to.

Apparently he put some clues in this..

I think he is serious so this is probably some kind of sign

Also he told me to tell you guys that he is on the forums

This isn't a game and shouldn't be ever..


Woah... that's deep. Have you experienced this as well?


Ok, but I don't get the January part


Woah. Deep. Some of these things I've done, well not done. I don't feel any pain though,



I wanna see their account now ;-;


Did this happen to you? Or someone else?


I'm not sure

It's probably them


I have experienced this too. I got on hopscotch in October, and I've self nominated my self many times... no one... NO ONE... said ANYTHING!!!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!! I'm tired of making projects that don't get recognized. I have one popular project... that isn't even on trending.


I've experienced that. A LOT.


Even when I second nominate a lot of people, and when some people have like 20 featured, I still have... let me check my graph... 0.

No buenos

Nominations for Featured!

This is interesting... I'll try to remember to give this topic to the next new user that I see.


I found them in anniversaries


(Tell him I joined in January and I got regular in June, yes JUNE XD)