How To: Fade In & Fade Out (Useful)



How To: Fade in & Fade out

How To: Fade in and Fade out

Before I get into the tutorial, I'd like to explain this. You guys know there is the tutorial on how to do this in the Create tab (for those who seen it, if not, now you know!). Then you'll be asking, "Then why are you writing this?".

This is for those who really need further clarification. Some people learn by watching videos, others by reading articles. So I'm targeting those who READS.


For a start, you must (or should) understand how to use values.

Values are used when the number is unknown or the number is too big. Say for example,
If X x 12 = 24, find the value of X.

Now, the values in Hopscotch is found when you open either of these blocks:

  • Set Text
  • Check once if
  • Check once if else
  • Set Value
  • Increase Value by
  • Set Invisibility
  • Set Speed
  • Set Angle
    And many more...

If you noticed, there are two types of value blocks: An Orangish one and a Yellow one (you have to create a value to get this)

The Orange ones are Presets and they change automatically.
The Yellow ones heavily depends on the Set Value and Increase Value blocks, it needs manual configuration to modify it.

In this tutorial, we'll be needing the orangish "Invisibility as a %" block.

How do I do it.

Step 1. Get an object, I'll use a Diamond emoji for this.

Step 2. Make a rule, and set the "When" to "When character is tapped".

Step 3. Grab a "Set Invisibility" block.
Step 4. Now, you should see a menu below the calculator. Take the block with the + operation.

Step 5. In the first column, tap "Values", find the "Invisibility as a %" block, then tap on it.
Step 6. In the second column, type in 10.

Step 7. Now pull out a "Repeat" block.

Step 8. Type in the "Repeat" block, 10.

Lets pause for for a minute, you'll ask, "Why 10 times?". Well, you gotta do your maths over here, to make an object invisible, the percentage has to be 100%. So, how do you get 100? 10% X 10 times = 100%. Isn't that easy?

Step 9. Drag the "Set Invisibility" block into the "Repeat" block.

Step 10. Now press play, and tap on the object. IT DISAPPEARED!

Well done, now you have done some magic!
Okay, I was joking. Now you ask, how do I get it back?

Do the same thing all over again, but this time, replace "+" with "-".

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Nice tutorial! Well put together!:wink:


Amazing tutorial! I think you should just use some annotations to help! :wink:


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Also! Sorry I don't have pictures, but you can do invisibility as percent + 1 instead of ten, then repeat times 100!


Nice tutorial! Except they already have a video on it...


That was a great tutorial! Really helpful! :+1:


Wow! Amazing tutorial, very well put together. I fixed the typo in the title, I hope you don't mind. :wink:


Awesome! You explained everything well and it helped a lot!


Thanks! :blush:

My first time using photos, I though I would write it up on the iPad's note app as well. So it's like a draft...

@seawolfwerehorse @Stick88

I'm doing this for the readers... :relaxed:


Ok.. Sorry about that :blush: