How to enter Conditionals


I want to enter the condition in the Check Once If. The condition will be "the invisibility of Text 7 is > 50". But I can't get the keyboard to show to enter the text in the "If" box. How do I do this?


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To answer your question, you just need to tap on the bubble where you want to enter the value, and the keyboard will show up


GI'm afraid it does not. When I tap the bubble, sometimes the word "paste" shows up, and/or the six conditional buttons appear (>,<,= etc). But no keyboard.


If you tap any of < > = And Or, two bubbles will pop up, where you can enter numbers or variables.
I take it you have experience in text coding?


Thanks. Yes I have coded in some six or seven high level languages.


Wow that's cool!

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Thanks, KVJ, I will. I think some of the problems are just linguistic. If I say "tap the bubble" the reader won't know whether I mean the bubble with the conditional symbol, down at the bottom of the screen, or the bubble in the command in the actual code. Is there anywhere a detailed "users manual" for the whole of Hopscotch?


Um.. there are several topics on the forum, as well as a few projects,


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I want to change my username to Stryx, but I don't know how. Thanks for the welcome. At the moment my name is NMhopscotch.


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