How to enlarge items


When I use the when game starts grow by command there is a pause and then it grows how can I make it so it grow right when the game starts


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You can use a Set Speed block, but other than that I don't think you can do anything.

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Are you using this code?

If you are, change it to this, and it should work. :D


set speed wont work

i think you tap the T, the tree cruves, and the palette and i think theres a grow block.


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Try this!
You can use a set size block.
The regular size is 100.
So, to grow by 50, do set size to 150!
It's automatic!
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Even if you immediately Set Size you still see the object at the original size for a moment before it changes. If that's objectionable, there are 2 solutions depending on the type of object.

Text object:
1. On the stage, start with the object text blank
2. When Game Starts, Set Size 1st then Set Text

1. On the stage, move the character completely off the screen so it's no longer visible (you'll have to get into the code editor through a different object)
2. When Game Starts, Set Size 1st then Set Position


If you're trying to make a Loading Screen for your project, most people just accept that you'll see the design-time stage for a moment before it gets covered or before you Set Invisibility of certain objects.


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I think it's lag but you can try using Set Speed