How to email the Hopscotch team


Type the write us, then hold for 3 seconds, and write them :wink:


Thank you for doing this poptart0219


Great post @PopTart0219! If anyone needs the email as well but isn't on their iPad, Hopscotch's email is or

Either one is fine as the Hopscotch Team receives emails from both.


Hey... follow-up question: when it opens up the email window, is it using the native mail program (and, therefore, the senders email on that) or is it a completely separate channel?


At least on iPad it brings up a window from the main Mail. You can always change your "From" though


Hi @oio, like @CreativeCoder said, it opens up a window from the Mail app. Here's what it looks like:


Thank you, @t1_hopscotch. I noticed the similarity between the window and the native email application, but I was unsure. You are so kindly attentive to questions. Props.


Awe_some! Thanks I was about to make a topic for this!