How to efficiently position many clones together

so this is hard to explain, but basically I’m trying to do this:
but with many clones

it’s position clone index 1 with clone index 2, and I want to know how to do that large-scale because that’s what I need for a game

it would be a whole lot easier if you could Access Clone Attributes



maybe modulo could be used


Hmm I see…


Yeah, u could probably use modulo. I remember learning that in 6th grade and be like whaaaaaa? Why would I ever need that


You could use a string containing all clone positions that want to throw and broadcast a throw message. Then projectiles will respond to the messages. You’d need multiple projectile clones already there probably, and you need to reset the string at the start of each frame, but it shouldn’t be too hard.




how would I get the positions of the clones that want to throw in one string?


Set variable in each close?

You’d need to append the position of self in single frame. You’ll need to use the + block.

Without replace regular expression, you need each point to be a single length, so you’ll need to pad the front, either before adding or during adding, before would be easiest.


So you want many toucans shooting circles? I needed to do something similar recently. What I did was create a variable that acted like a clone index for two clones at the same time using modulo and a couple of math equations:

Once you have that, you can use those values just like you would use clone index values.
Here’s some ways you would use clone sets to position groups of clones more efficiently:
More efficient with most control Use them in “if” rules to make it so that you don’t have to set position of each clone index.
Most efficient: make an equation to set position of the toucans in different spots based off of the clone sets. If you come up with an equation for placing the toucans, you can create a bunch of clones and let the program put them in places without having to take all of the effort to actually position each clone yourself.

There are a few limitations to the clone set method:

  1. You will have to wait until everything is cloned to start moving that objects - otherwise it might be a little off beat. This may be fine for you, but everything had to be in sync for my project
  2. You can’t use random if both clones need to have the same random number there is a possibility you can create an equation for random numbers based on a seed though… Just putting that out there…

If you have questions, I’ll answer them tomorrow; but I suggest trying to figure out problems on your own. It’s very hard, but it will become very helpful for when you actually need to use your programming skills for something


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