How to edit people's sentences and why don't I have the ••• and the pencil icon


How do you edit sentences
Can u edit other people's things


Hi @Wowwoman first of all welcome to the forum! Because the computer recognises you as new, it won't let you do certain features yet just to make sure you're a person and not a robot or anything :smiley: No, you can't edit other people's posts.


How do you get badges
Like how did u get the leader badge or ip are you part of the hopscotch team


And how did you get the under dash I couldn't use it at first oh well I new and thnx for welcoming me


You can get badges by doing various things, such as linking a post.

However, the leader, regular, member, etc. are trust levels. You can get them by being active on the forum by liking, posting, replying, and things like that for a while.

You can use "_" by tapping the "123" button on your keyboard (on iPad) then tapping "#+=". You have to do shift and I'm not sure what other button for computers.

Welcome to the forum!

EDIT: Here's a link to a post @t1_hopscotch made about trust levels if you are curious: link


Hey @Wowwoman no problem but just first of all here, check this tip :smiley::

Just have a search for your questions and see if there are answers out there already as you'll find answers faster that way :smiley:

Thanks @CreativeCoder for helping! I am not part of the Hopscotch Team but I am a moderator to help keep the forum an awesome place :smiley:


By the way t1 do u want to do a project with me plz


No problem but unfortunately I don't really have time to make projects at the moment.


Thank you for helping me
You made me solo happy
And when u get the time plz message me on hopscotch or on this and calle it hey wow woman


@t1_hopscotch because you're a leader do you get infinite replys?


you use shift and this key to get an underscore:


@Gabe_N I'm not sure about infinite replies, but I think leaders have their reply limit increased more at least.

@Wow_woman do you need help with editing and the pencil icon still?


But a leader does have infinite replies???????, right?