How to edit other posts



How do you edit other posts?


You can only edit posts if the post has been made editable by the owner of the post or you're a leader or moderator. If the post is editable, you click the three dots under it and tap the pencil.

Also, please search before you post! :D


u have to quote reply and then change what they typed :3


Thank you both for the tip ! I have learnt something useful!:blush:


Welcome to the forum @Silverdolphin :D
Remember to always search before you create a new topic to make sure there isn't already a topic about the same thing :D


Thank you for the tip! Also on Hopscotch I follow you ! Who do you follow? Can you maybe follow me?


Thanks for following me :D! I really appreciate it!
I follow a really small amount of people.
I'm really sorry, but I usually don't follow people just because they ask about it. Please don't take it as mean :grimacing:


if a REGULAR has made a post editable. they click/tap ... then the wrench then "make wiki"
you can edit this by clicking/tapping ... then :pencil2:


I don't ! It is fine :+1:🏼