How to edit a project's stage size



I haven’t found any posts about this that go into much detail. I’ve been asked for this twice recently so I’m making a topic so that I, and hopefully everyone else, can find it more easily.
Make sure to figure out how to get the json file of a draft. Here’s a post by @creationSofaNoob about doing it with a computer. I think @awesome_e and @xamanion know how to do it on an ithingy only, ask them for help with that if you need to.

Actually, that’s a bit outdated. I’ll make a new post about how to do it tomorrow sometime.

Once you have the project, open it. Find stageSize. Inside of it, you’ll find width and height. These are the width and height of the stage, so what you get with the iPad width and height variables.

This project already has a modified stage size. I’ll add a zero to both the width and the height.
Now you can put the project back into Hopscotch by doing the opposite of what you did to get the project in the first place. When you open it, it will have a different stage size.


Most people probably won’t understand this as well, maybe tell them to use a website like this to prettify the JSON and make it more understandable


Yes, I thought about it but decided that having a json as it comes from the app would be better for something small like this.


Yes there’s a way to do it without WiFi at all with the iThingy. Also have u noticed MetaData blockage when viewing it on an iThingy?

Petrichor I (Am)

Great tutorial! I’m sure that many people will find this helpful.

@XAMANION: by the way, what do you mean with “metadata blockage”?


What about this…?


Hold on… still finding the JSON file, can’t seem to get through the video window




Am I missing something? Or is it hidden in a comment?


No… it is literally a rickroll…


What is?


My link! You were talking to me, right…?


Yes I was. The webpage doesn’t load either


It does though! I pressed the link and it takes me to the video!

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