How to easily get secret colours!



First download the app called MSS and het onto this p

Then press the plus button and create a new skin
Choose your HSB colpur and it should say it in the top right!


Great job finding another strategy on secret colors!


Thanks! :smile: @InnerSparkle


Oh wait I forgot to mension to press the coloir button at the bottom left :sweat_smile:


Kinda of topic but.... Why don't you make your awesome projects anymore!!:sob:


Well its because I don't really have any ideas just yet.. I'm working on a drawing pad and and iphone but apart from that I don't have anymore ideas :sweat_smile:


Oh wait you didn't mean me sorry :flushed:


Lol it's ok!:grin:


Yeah LOL :laughing: I only just saw it wasn't a reply to me


Thanks for the compliment! I have been busy with school lately, but I am working on username requests, and another hopscotch character model, so more projects to come!


No problem! You're just one of my fav hopscotchers and I've been wondering!