How to-dynamic trail art!



do you want to make trail art that MOVES? it’s pretty simple, using clones.

first off, make a blank text object for the number of OBJECTS you want.

second of all, make a block called “draw”. make clone index 1 draw the background. the rest can do whatever you want!
put it in a “when cloned” and “when game starts” block.

also, put the “draw” block at the very end of the “draw” block…

if you want to make lines, you first put a “set position” block in the first draw block.

you must then make a “draw2” block, with a “draw a trail” and set position block for clone index 3. also put draw2 in there.

hope this helped!

also, each trail thing is layered from top->bottom.
look at this for an example!


This a good


That’s pretty good. I always wondered how to make dynamic trail art…


I have wondered about this, so thank you for this awesome tutorial! :+1:


This is a really cool, super descriptive tutorial!

Great job! (I will definetly need this in the future!!)


Thanks for the tutorial!