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Hey guys, InnerSparkle here and I will be showing you how to make a drawing pad! So let's get started! Make a new text and add a new rule you might want to put this as your code

now you repeat that by making new texts that will resemble new colors and make rules similar to this (only now you will add different colors to the text) and now you want to make a new text (which will allow you to draw) and in that text you make another rule like this You are going to need to make two values like this and in the first text you had made you want to make another rule that looks something like this now you want to add that to your other colors ( keep in mind you don't increase the value you set it, and the numbers of the values should be different all the time) now go back to your drawing text you made and add this ( at the top make sure that the value of the color says color equal to the number of the value) now repeat that for the other value you made and when your finished with that you want to make three new text like these ( these buttons will be the width) the hashtag is the one that requires the code so press on that and add a new rule that looks like this when your done with that make another rule that looks like this when your done with that make another rule (I know so it's so tiring) and it should look like this no go back to your drawing text and add a rule that is like this when play button is tapped, set value color to 999999 and set value width to 20 (you don't have to use 20) now you should be done comment if I forget any steps or if you have any questions. Bye!

How do you make a drawing pad?
HSB Colours of Characters in Hopscotch
Hello, Members Of The Forum!

Try taking snapshots of the screen, it looks neater!
Press the off button and the home button at the same time. It will look like you took a picture, and it will be in your pictures!


I would but I use 2 different iPads for Hopscotch Forums and Hopscotch (considering my Hopscotch is on my school iPad)


@InnerSparkle You can try taking the screenshots and then emailing/messaging them to yourself and accessing them on your forum iPad if you have an email. Also, very good instructions! Nice job!


THANK YOU Sooooo much. You are an awesome hopscotcher. This helped me a lot and now I am working on one.


Could you work on it with me? If you want?


Sure! I'm glad too work on it with you!


Can I work in one of those projects with you


Sure, I'm glad to work with you too!


Yay my hopscotch username is Work Kids Coding™


Cool! I will publish it. It will be out in hopscotch at about 4.45 pm in New Zealand time.
Thanks :slightly_smiling:

How do I make drawing pads with multiple colors?

I'm going to make a draw pad, but I don't know how to use it with HSB!! Can somebody PLEASE help!?!


To use HSB you can find custom colors on hopscotch copy, and paste them into your text, and your leave a trail, when I say text I mean the shape you use to click the color you want to use


Thanks, that makes so much more sense!! I a, making a draw pad I call the LizardPad


I don't want to make a topic of this but that's some deep philosophy you are delving into about Zeno's Paradox.
I like weird,strange discoveries in life.


I know, it's probably one of the coolest things I've heard of!


It's actually originally posted by a hopscotcher named Snoopy, who is really good at making music. She was in both of MagmaPOP's games!


Hi. I've been looking at a lot of other drawing pads on Hopscotch and they all have a lot of different shades of colors that don't show up for me. for example when I use the [set color] block, it only shows the regular colors. And on other pads there are SO MANY other colors? Are they custom or somethings? If you know the answer, PLEASE TELL ME and please tell me how to do it! Thanks, and sorry if this was long :neutral_face::neutral_face:


Hi! They are HSB colors a cool hack found by @Valgo! I would explain but i gota go 2 bed now :confused: im sure @Valgo will explain it to you


Thanks! Okay...let me ask him/her /WAIT SNOWGIRL_STUDIOS TALKED TO ME?????!!!!!!!! WUTTTT/