How to draw on your device much better!


Have you ever had that feeling that you're finger isn't drawing well, and you think that drawing with a pencil is much easier? Well now you can draw much better. With this LIFE HACK! Just take a pencil, make sure it has an eraser on the back though, then take some foil and wrap it at the back of your pencil. Secure it with a rubber band and there, LIFE HACKED!


i reccomend going to


Awesome will try later cause my I pad stylus doesn't do anything I tap and nothing happens


Hmmm, does yours need so connect to Bluetooth?
Try going in to settings and connecting it (if it connects)


No mine isn't a blue tooth one


Thanks for the tips!

@hopscotch_king, she doesn't have to post it there. The drawing topic isn't about styluses. :-•P


It's easier to keep all drawing related things in there. :D


It doesn't work for me.


Cool! It works for me!


I suggest enabling the magnifier! It helps a lot when you're wanting to get things to look better.


Will this damage your iPad screen? I trying it And it works, but I don't want to risk scratches or cracks


No, I don't think so! But if you don't feel comfortable with it, that's ok! :blush: