How to draw on a picture



Have you ever wanted to draw on one of your photos but didn't know how? I'll show you. I'm almost positive this only works with iOS 10.

  1. go to your photos app.
  2. press on the picture you want to edit.
  3. press on the edit button it looks like this:

    It will be in the top right corner.
  4. Click on the last option for editing, a circle with three dots in it.
  5. once you press on that button, you will have two options. Click on the first one, markup.

    Once you've done that, you have lots of options of things to do. I'll show them to you.

1 you can zoom in on something. Read left to right, otherwise it won't make sense.

2 you can add text by tapping the T button.

Once you do that, you tap on the text and it gives you options to edit the text, duplicate it, and delete it. First, you want to edit it, because most likely you don't want your text to say text. Then you can do whatever with it. You can also duplicate and delete your drawings, as well.

You can also edit how the text looks using the aA button.

3 and finally, you can draw. Change the width the the three lines button, and change the color with the circle on its left.

When you draw a shape, something will come up at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on it, it will change your shape into whatever it is on the bottom of your screen, usually a perfect version of the shape you are drawing.

If you drag the blue dots around, you can edit the shape to how you want it.

Hope this helped!

  • Great topic! This was really useful!
  • This was a little bit helpful, but not really.
  • I already knew this.
  • This is a waste of a topic.


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I didn't know that! I always used Pics Art! Great topic!



I have an Apple Pencil too :3


Great tutorial, @TheGreenBanana! And yeah you are right, it only works on iOS 10 or later.




Um i used this in ios 9


Are you sure? This feature was only available in the Mail app at the time.


This is a great topic and if you want to make a tutorial for example, this are going to be really useful. If you are making tutorials on a computer, I recommend using Lightshot, a program that has lots of options like capturing exactly where you want, adding text and drawing on the screenshot.
Thanks for telling us, great topic!


It also worked in Messages, I think. Or that might be iOS 10.


Great topic! This is really helpful-I've been wondering how to do that.
Before someone says this is unrelated, let me say why this matters: oftentimes we want to share bugs going on with our code and with our iPad. Sometimes though, these pictures have our names in them. We can use this feature to block out private information like our full names. Also, if we ever post a picture with people in it, we can use this to block out faces.


Yeah, I knew this already but great tutorial ~ :smile:


What I've been thinking about is if these markings can be removed on another Apple device with Markup as well :thinking:
This could be potentially dangerous :hushed: if you're using markup to cover personal info ~ so just an FYI to think about :ghost:


I tried, and I couldn't markup a drawing that someone else marked. Apple is big about security, I don't think they would allow that


Okay, great :grin:


Once you save the markup on an image you can't undo it.


Hmm..when I press "Revert" it gets rid of all my markings though... :thinking:🤣
How do you upload photos or videos on here?


It only works for markings that you did on your device.

To upload images, tap the icon with an rectangle and an arrow pointing up. You can't upload videos.


I already knew this :3 (my iPad is iOS 10)
It's really helpful though!


That's what you press to upload a photo! :D
You can't upload videos for some reason (it just doesn't let you ;-; )


Thank you :blush: