How to draw a cute girl


Hi it's madlipsgirl today I will be doing a drawing tutorial :slightly_smiling: hope you enjoy


First draw a head

then draw two curvy lines for the eyes then draw some eye lashes the draw the the inside of the the eye then draw a nose mouth and some hair bangs or any thing then draw the rest of the hair then draw a neck and a t shirt or dress and that's it your did it want more drawing tutorials?ask me:)


Cool drawing it's amazing!


Really simple to draw but beautiful!
I am not so great at making eyes perfect but you do :grinning:


Thank you that's so nice:)


This Drawing Is Amazing! Keep Up The Good Work!

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Very cool drawing although this isnt really related to hopscotch even if its made on a hopscotch project then it isnt
PS this is over a month old