How to do trail art (Huge W.I.P)



How to do trail art
Note: this is a W.I.P

You want to learn how to do trail art? Well, it is very difficult to make a how to on this particular subject, so I'll constantly update it.

Part 1: set position vs. other blocks

So, you want to know whether to use set position, or other movement blocks.

Set Position
Does everything instantly
Allows for centered trail art
Gives you good control
Requires basic knowledge of coordinates?

Move Foward
Can move at a certain angle
Can't do circles as fast as Cosine and Sine in Set Position (set speed doesn't affect circles)
Needs set speed to do it instantly

Change X/Y
Can change the X/Y of things
Can do zig zags easily
Requires set speed to go instantly
Isn't as efficient at zig zags as set position

So as you can see, set position is usually the best. Not always, usually.

Now, I mentioned things in here that multiple things can do. I'll show you the set position version of them

Part 2: Lines

Next, I will show you how to make lines.

Slanted Lines

Straight lines

Note: Both of these can be done with just coordinates.

Please let me know if you want to be tagged when I'm done, or if you want to help.


Cool topic! First y'know


@Petrichor , I'd like to be tagged when you're done. Thanks. :)


Ok. I will tag you when I update it. :smiley:
Speaking of updating it, I added a new part.


Great topic :thumbsup:!


Some corrections, just to help out.

For change X and Y blocks, set speed doesn't have an affect, last time I checked. They're rather fast on their own, but can be slow in a repeat block.

Also, for move forward and turn for curved lines, they can be made faster without the set speed if you divide the repeat block by a number and multiply the move forward and the turn by the same number, however, make sure the number you use isn't too big, or it can look choppy. In a repeat block, set speed has little to no effect.

Also, you said that set position is the best block, right? However, I think it's just a preference thing. Beginners should get to know how to use them all, then pick the ones that they like best to use most often.


Yeah, it's just a preference thing. And yes, repeat has no effect on speed, but for some reason, doing sin/cos works faster.


Yeah, that's true, set position in more instant than that most of the time, but just take out the part about the set speed block.


Ok. :smiley: