How to do things on the forum




Many people have made some sort of post where you click on that right facing arrow and it shows more text. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!? Also, what are some other cool things you can do on here?

This is the only thing i can do on thr forum that is somewhat cool.

Thank y'all! (that was totally random)

also is it possible to create tags?


1 : There are SOOO many threads about this.

2 : Here is how.
Check quote.

Click here to see more

Your text


Every time a new user joins, a new tag is creating. You can tag someone using the "@" symbol and their username


To create a drop down text, use

[details=your text here]
Text that will be shown when clicked

Just don't include that period after the "/". I only did that to show you :wink:


oops. probably should have looked up before making a new topic.

Also my quoting thingie doesn't work so that's a problem



Ok, thanks!
(xtra text)


Ok thanks for letting me know! just wondering.


To include an "invisible text", use the "<" symbol, with text immediately following it.


I didn't ask you to quote the post, I asked you to quote and look the command I used in the quote interface. Inside the quote interface the "Press to see more" looks like

 [details=Click here to see more]
Your text

Unless you did that in addition to quoting?


lol that just made me more confused. All good though, I learned something new!


ok ok im trying it out

ok here we go



giving it a second go!

Alright yay!
wow i feel like im way too excited for this

ok there is invisible text too now!