How to do SinCos



I am stuck how to do sincos,
Although I did use it in one of projects
But that was really just putting random things in the spaces
Plz help


Welcome to the forum! I'm Dude73! :smile:

Kiwicute2016 has an awesome tutorial, or you can ask @KVJ! He's very good at sin/cos. :smile:


Thx @Dude73
I will be sure 2 check it out


Hi Dudy how are u doing haven't seen you for a while !

@Jades welcome to the forum ?


Hi! I'm more active now. :smile:

And no problem Jades! :smile:


I am going to invite u to a topic wait ...


Thx for the welcome
Much appreciated


How do u do that
Since I'm new I don't really now much


Hi! If you wanted to know more about sine and cosine you could use the search bar to find some really helpful topics. If you have any other questions just tag me.:grinning:


Welcome to the forum ! I am silverdolphin ! if you need any help, just tag me as @silverdolphin !


I will thx for the help


There is a topic of mine which you should read which is called badges/tags/mod stuff ! It is useful for people who have just joined the forum !

Here is the link :

Sorry I am off topic !


Thx so much I really appreciate it @Silverdolphin


Your welcome !




Oh yeah btw there are things like trust levels !
And u have a limited amount of replies on your first day !
Oh yeah u will have limited likes too


I don't now if you new this but I sighned up a while ago
But didn't use the account for a while


Off-topik: I'm not good at cos & sin, I just came here to share mai leikes!:smile:


Thicks!! :tada: :smiley: :smiley:


Welcome to the forum!! If you need any help feel free to tag me by typing "@KVJ"!