How to do new bump trick!


Ok, so you use this new rule I made: When is Not bumped appear. Here’s how it goes:

Game starts
Repeat forever
Check once if x pos. = 0
Invis. 100
Invis. 0
Check once if x pos. = 1000
Invis. 100
Invis 0


Cool could you give an example on how this would be used?


This is actually really cool! Along with the example @FRENCH_WAVE123 was mentioning, a few pictures would also be pretty helpful for some people!


This is a great idea and I am sure that this will help some people!


If you want things when they hit something to dissapear, like a scrolling method, but appear when they’re not bumping the edge, that is what this is used for. I will post a picture in a bit


Makes swnse👍🏻



Is it alright if I use this? It’s really helpful


Sure! Just please give credit.


Yep I will! Should I mention your forum name or you Hopscotch username? (Unless they are both the same)


They’re both the same. You’ve like a lot of my projects


but why should d we credit you when plenty of people, including myself, have used this exact method before? :thinking::thinking: