How to do fast bold text


Most people know how to do regular bold text, but this makes it faster. You get 360 clones faster than 36 usually.

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Awesome tutorial, thanks!


Cool! This is really cool and helpful, thank you for sharing it to the community. :slight_smile:


Mind blown


I now an easier way. Make a text, code it to do 100 clones. In the clones, make it grow, and the change X by random minus three to three. Same on a change Y block.
Here us the result:


Only x? And that isn't a perfect bold thing. It's easier though.
However, this looks better.


Oh, wait I didn't finish. Oops


Thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome.


Now that we have clone ids and total clone values, why not set all the clones to clone until the total clones reach 360, and each clone has that formula but replacing sincos with the clone id?

This one has 18 total clones, but really for regular size text this is okay.


I actually used that method in my latest project, and a ten clone variant in my next game.

I don’t think I can edit the first post, but if I can, I’ll make sure that I show people that your post is easier.