How to do drag and drop more easily in iPad?



I'd like to know, how to do the drag and drop control in iPad as teaching videos demonstrated. Because when tried to teach our kids, and to show drag and drop, it is quite difficult in iPad. especially move a block from one to another. Is there any way we can do more easily as you guys do? use anyway we can use a Bluetooth mouse instead?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance




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I don't think you can use a mouse

Well sometimes the app is buggy so it's hard to drag

I just reboot my iPad and then it works


@joyelearn I believe the videos use an emulator to play the app on the computer, by running a version of the iPad on the computer. Ask @liza, @rodrigo, @Montoya, or other members of The Hopscotch Team for help.

Their help email is listed on their website.


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thank you very much for help.


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thank you for you help. I thought that is some kind of solution too, but don't know how exactly to make it work.

appreciated it.

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Hello! It seems your question has been answered.

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I use an iPad and had trouble with drag & drop until I figured out exactly how it works.

After pressing on the ☰, you have to drag left or right first until the black line appears. Only then can you drag the block up or down to a new position.

THT's project says this in the text, but it's not shown very well in the animation.

The alternative, if you're moving the block more than a short distance, is to cut & paste.


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Thank you @ThinBuffalo for replying. I'll try it to see how it works.

cut and paste is what we do at this moment, but isn't really smooth neither when we were doing demo.

thank you again

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