How to do a very fast background



Hello. This is a method I came up with for a fast background. It isn't as smooth as possible, but it's much faster.

Step 1:
Create an object. Preferably blank text. Name it something like "background"

Step 2:
Put this code, in order to create the clones VERY FAST.

Be sure to make it in this order

Link to an example:

How to use with pre-self versions:


Also, first non-tht osc topic.


Ooh, nice code! I've never thought of anything like this before. :o

I have one improvement: to make the background smoother, simply make it draw the trails twice, as shown here:

It'll overwrite/overlap the previous trails, making it look more like a real smooth background. :D


Oh. That's the one method for that I never tried. Or thought of. Hehe.


Clever? Hehe :)


Can I use this? With CREDIT, of course!


You can use it with or without credit. I just want a link, as I enjoy seeing what people make.


OK! I'm gunnna book mark this 4 later :smiley:


Great topic :thumbsup:! This is really useful.


Thank you.