How to Design and Make Games Like a PRO!

I don’t know if YOU know, but my strong side on HS is making games and design them very good, and now i am gonna teach you how i do it (the best i can :slight_smile:)!

Making a Good Game

Step 1: When you have an idea, try to figure out different things you are gonna have in the game, and not just a few, EVERYTHING should be an image in your brain!

Step 2: Do everything that is in your head, try fix every single detail in the game that isn’t what you were thinking!

Step 3: You might not care about these VERY SMALL details like perfect position, perfect physics, and everything else you know you can fix!

Step 4: Do a BIG game and put effort into it, if you do that your game will be more fun to play!

Step 5: Make a nice start screen!

Designing a Game

Step 1: Use colours, and use colours that matches with your game!

Step 2: Use sizes, objects, and different buttons that looks good together!

Step 3: Use emojis, and make your buttons and things look COOL!

Step 4: Try using bold text, 3D text, multi-coloured text, and every other cool text tricks!

Step 5: Look at my featured games for examples and inspiration!

I really hope this helps you making better games

Good luck!



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For people who want to practice design I really recommend just going to your older projects that you have already published and just play with shadows and color palettes to improve the project. I use to have a lot of projects that I didn’t do much for graphics with because I was already tired from making the game and just wanted to publish the project. But when I went back and made improvements, a lot more people enjoyed playing the games and some of the projects even got featured! Sometimes stepping back and taking a week or two before coming back to a project makes a huge difference!


Nice tutorial

Another helpful thing is if you game has lag, try to incorporate smooth graphics to cover the lag up


Great tutorial, and helpful tips!

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Text boxes are a good effect also.

I’m going to challenge myself to make a game without emojis :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all my featured games have a start screen. And they are featured. Most of them were old featured and old featured was super rare to get! Now featured is GC (Game Changers) So unless your a coder like Creations of a noob or A magmapop who never quit, it is super rare to get new featured.

And also, someone that has been on the app for over a year, I think these are some good tips.


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Thanks TO!


Oh yeah shadows, cool


That’s a 3d effect lol, not shadows


Cool tips, great work!


Great tips! Will use it in my current game and give you credit!

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True but it kinda looks the same… Hehe

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Thank you!


great tutorial!! these are some really helpful tips.


This is very helpful thank u I will reference this when I start coding again :blush::sparkling_heart:

Also I see u like Uncle Scrooge comics :smirk::heart_eyes::cupid: @Fizzy_27 @petrichor @itzmya