How to deal with unnecessary topics (New and helpful with current issues)

Continuing the discussion from Off topic posts! How to deal with them!

You go on the forum, looking for things to do. However, you suddenly spot a topic that catches your eye. You look out for these things—

  • Does this topic speak about Hopscotch? Does it regularly discuss coding?

  • Is it a general topic? If so, you should only see one open general topic per user.

  • Is this a topic about technology? If yes, leave the topic alone. Technology is allowed on this forum.

  • Is this the Drawing on Paper compared to an IPad or the Go.dly Religions topic? If so, leave these sorts of topics alone. They have been approved by the Hopscotch moderators. Topics that have been approved by THT (The Hopscotch Team) are okay to converse in.

You check if the topic follows these guidelines. If you say no to any one of the above constraints, please consider flagging the topic. However, you should check out the person behind the topic before flagging their off-topic topic.

  • Is this person new to the forum? If so, kindly tell them that this idea may need to be addressed on a different topic, or guide them to make a general topic so that new forumer can be off-topic and still be able to follow the Community Guidelines. Don’t forget to direct that newcomer to the Community Guidelines.
  • Is this person a regular visitor? If so, flag their top post and any other off-topic posts in the topic. Please either tell them to make on-topic topics in the future, or do not reply at all. If you have something not nice or off-topic to say, do not say those things.
  • Is this person a troll/bully? If so, flag the topic and do not reply and do not like any of that person’s posts. If you do reply or like, it will just cause the troll to realize that they have a bigger audience and a better chance of staying and being mean to others. If that troll/bully confronts you or any other person, ignore them.

You’ve done a good job judging these topics, and you are proud of yourself. The forum will be a better place with everyone having fun, following the rules, and staying on-topic. @omtl


Really great topic! We should create one big topic with a bunch of Summaries with all this stuff in it!


Great job! I can tell that you really thought this topic through.

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Great topic! I see that you spent lots of time writing this and I really think that the final result is a well-written topic that is easy to understand. Thumbs up! :+1:

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It be a spammer jffhf


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