How to deal with the haters ;)



Ok, I know alot of hopscotchers are getting hate, and that's why I made this topic. I want to help people in hopscotch who are getting hate, and maybe irl! Ok here I go:

When someone says something mean to you, don't fire back at them. All they want is attention and to cause a big scene :disappointed:. It would probably be best if you didn't say anything mean to them, because you would probably a bully yourself :wink:

Treat others the way YOU want to be treated. If your going to type back some rude stuff to them, ask yourself if you wanted to be treated that way. I'm not saying you should be completely nice and offer them some tea and biscuits, but just tell them you don't exactly like what they're saying.


Jealousy. They might be jealous that your a great drawer, or a great coder.

Just for fun. They want to be talked about probably, or they are attention seekers.

Sorry this is kind of short, I don't have alot of experience :smiley:

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Wow such a good job it was short but sweet did not half to read through a bunch but I gave a good point!:wink::clap:


Great topic


Well said! :smiley:





Said better than me :wink: ! Awesome!


Lots of topics about hate xD (But that's not bad!)

I really love this topic! I get so much hate in my remixes and I do something like this: :neutral_face: Report project. :neutral_face: Go on with my coding. :smile:


Well said! :relaxed::wink::clap:

I like this topic! In fact, most of what you said is true!

A :gem:, a :gem: and a :cookie: for ya!



Thanks everyone for the positive comments :wink:


@SnowGirl_Studios I saw this is my activity 🙁

@a10 this was well said! :ok_hand:


Really, also your projects are amazing!!


I would suggest reporting the user, (I already did) and taking the photo down. It encourages the bully. They get the attention the want. They are also most likely on the forum, as they know about leaders, so they could now know that they are being realized. The best thing to do is email the Hopscotch Team about the user and report the mean projects. :wink:


Wow that's odd, @Liza maybe you guys could make a feature where we could report the username or something like that, and maybe if it's bad you can ban them on hopscotch :wink:


That's true :slightly_smiling:


That's a good idea. I will take it down :slightly_smiling:


Yeah! A report user button! I mean, half the time bullies don't make stuff


Exactly! Someone knows what I'm talkin' about :wink:


No problem! This was a good topic!


Wow... Thanks for telling me @huggingfluffybear like what @gilbert189 said just report the projects