How to Deal with Mean People and Bad Attention Projects



Hey, forum community!

Have you been bullied or seen some bad attention projects on Hopscotch lately? Read on for help! Don'ts:

Don't answer the bully if they say something mean! It'll just draw attention to them and make them continue.
Don't start a topic about it. It also draws attention.

Bad Attention Problem Don'ts:

Don't try to comfort them with a card or whatever! It might make them make bad attention problems even more.
Like, don't start a topic about it! It might scare a few people and draw attention to the attention project-maker. Do's:

1. Ignore the bully. Don't make a topic, don't write back.
2. If the situation gets worse, email The Hopscotch Team, or ask an adult or elder to monitor the bully.

Bad Attention Project Do's:

1. Ignore the situation, don't start signing cards, making I miss you or whatever projects, just ignore. Don't make a topic on the forum.
2. Email The Hopscotch Team or get an adult or elder.

I hoped this helped! Happy Hopscotching!


Nice Said!


This helped! Thanks!
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