How to deal with inappropriate projects (Idea only!)



Continuing the discussion from Adding videos on the app?:
Plus I had an idea about inappropriate projects here: Sorry if the link does not work. I tried to type it as correctly as I can!


Yep, the link does not work, sorry!


I'm going to send a link, sorry if it doesn't work, just testing things out!
Click here. (Might not work)


Good idea and good job! Btw, it's easiest to just copy the link by holding it down and pressing copy if you didn't know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@WoodenSwan, if you want to copy a post link, click the chain button (in between the heart and flag) and then you see a link. Then hold it down until you see copy. Then you can have a post show up when you click the link. Make sense?


Thanks both of you! I got the hang of it now.