How to Create Links



Hey, forum community!

Links are really cool! Read on if you want to make one!

1. Go to the project.

2. Click on •••.

3. Click Share.

4. Click Copy Link.

5. Paste it into your post.

Yay, done!


Super great tutorial! Great job! :wink:


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Great tutorial! If you don't want the entire link to show, do this

[Word shown] (link)


You can also click the button that looks like a link!


Thanks this is very informative!


If you want to describe/name a link:
(paste a link here) [Words to describe it here]

Credit: @PopTart0219


Linking a forum topic:
Click Share on the bottom of a topic
Click the link
Click Copy
Paste into your post

Credit: @DancingLollipop

A faster way to copy a project's link is to tap the little pin button on the project.