How to create game


Hello can you guys please to me how to make a game:D


Well that's a very general question. Maybe you could check out some of the videos that THT made in the create tab. They might give you some ideas and show how to code basic games.


Well if you're a starter on hopscotch then try to watch the tutorial videos! It might not respond on some ipads like mine. My iPad isn't responding to videos on His but you can go to the HS YouTube channel. And also, welcome to the forum!


No one can really teach you any game in general. You have to tell them specifically about it and what you want to make. I have very little help, but I can help you in some way :D

Also, welcome to the forum! I see you joined 4 hours ago :Deere is a topic made just for you :D


Depends on the game. Any game in mind?

Also, welcome! Tag me anytime like so: "@KVJ"


step 1-add random objects
step 2-add random code


Well i cant really say for sure without knowing what kind of game you want to make but you can try to watch some the videos or you can try experimenting with code until you know how you should use them in the game you want to make

hope this helped!

Also welcome to the forum!