How to create custom colors on Hopscotch!



I'm going to tech you how to make custom colors first you need an HSB number:

that HSB number is HSB(182,94,95)
Then copy the HSB number by holding down on it till this pops up: tap copy
Then go to the drawing tab: and press down on the color tab, until it says copy then press copy. Here is the finished look of a pink background: I hope this helped!

How do you get colors on hopscotch?
HELP custom colours not working?

Thanks! This really helped!! The website is:


The website is:


That's Where I found custom colors! My favorite one is teal! Have u saw my how to get emojis? It's Awesome! I think I should put it on Hopscotch What do u think @Computerguy91?


Ya @HermioneGranger You should put it on hopscotch!


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Really helpful for anyone who needs a really specific color that is not on the regular color menu :slightly_smiling: :grinning:


OMG awesome @herimonegraanger


Thanks Everyone.:relaxed: This is the best post!


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