How To Create Curved Boxes Using Draw


I saw people made awesome squares and boxes with curved edges using the plain drawing tool thing.

Please help me with this
Use projects or pictures to help me because I don't get descriptions...

I Know I Worded that wrong.


I can help! Here, let me get a picture!

Like this?


Yes, like that

Words words and horrible 20 character to post rules...


Ok! Here's how!

First drag out a text box and place it somewhere in the editor! Now, copy this code:

You should get a result similar to this:

Now, drag a square from the editor and place it 150 units higher than the text box and 150 units to the left of the text box. Copy this code:

The editor should look like this:

And now it should look like this!


Thank you but I really wanted to make a curved road for this game


Like a loop-y circuit


That's a lot more complicated! I would use sin and cos, but check out Funk63's profile as he has a lot of racing games!


K thanks! What is sin and cos?


Oh, sin and cos is a thing you learn in I think ninth grade? It's very complicated.


That's a long way to go as I'm in 5th


Yeah! I'm in sixth, looks like we'll both have to wait a while for that. Maybe @MagmaPOP or @Funky_63_Greenland can help ya!


I learned it in year 6 XD


I learned it in 5th and 6th >.< i'm alone


Right? I still can't really use it though =_=