How to create a tag list?



Hoi all! I’m wondering (as a relatively new forumer) how do I create a tag list? Or group? I’ve heard that you don’t need to be regular to do it. Please help! Thanks.


Usually, you’d just post a base post, where people would request to be on the tag list.

Then, all you’d have to do is keep track of who requests to be on it, and you have a tag list!

Regular just makes it a bit easier, the global edit function makes it so that people can just edit hemselves into be tag list. :P


But how do you make your group have an “@” name?


Only moderators can make those. t1 used to make them, but she isn’t a mod anymore.


Like @CreativeCoder said, a forum user and a moderator/community intern called @t1_hopscotch used to make them, but she isn’t a moderator anymore, sadly, which you can read here: