How to Create a Hopscotch account!




Do you want a hopscotch account but can’t get one?

Here’s a guide to help you!

How to make an account

  • Tap the first result you get {Note, it only says “Open” because I already have it, on your screen it will say “Get”}

  • Once finished installing, enter the app, and you will choose between “Log in” and “Sign up”, tap “Sign up”

  • Enter in your desired username and password
    {Make sure to make your password easy-to-remember! Because I once forgot it, and I had to create a new account, not fun. But I trust you XD}

  • After that, it will ask you to enter your email, if you don’t have one, or if you don’t want emails from the hopscotch team tap “Skip”

  • Hooray! You have finished everything! Now you can create projects, change your username, change your avatar and learn more and become a master of Hopscotch!

Hope this was helpful!

Bye, and…
###Have fun with hopscotch! :heart:


I'm almost sure that there is a topic like this!


Anonymous made a topic like this here. Do you want me to merge them together, or is this one different? :)


Yes this exists. :confused:

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Well then, I guess, I was planning on making a guide if how to create a hopscotch account for the people who don't have one... Should I change this to that?


I stink at music on hopscotch!!! :joy_cat:


Yeah, I think you should. That's a great idea!


Tah da!
This topic is now a guide!



nice tutorial but (and no offense intended) why would somebody be on the forum without having hs? :confused:


Lol no offence to any one but I read ur comment and shouted commen sense lol


Because if you search that question up the forum page would probably come up with the answer and then they know how :000


why do you think that???/